Gentleman Movie Review

Gentleman-ReviewRating: 4/5

Buoyed by two back-to-back hits, hero Nani is in a swing. The movie “Gentleman” hit the theaters today and here is the first day-first show and of this romantic thriller movie Gentleman, which was directed by Mohana Krishna Indraganti. The promos, trailers, and posters hinted that Nani would be seen in a dual role in which one of the roles is to have a nefarious side.

Story Line:

The movie opens with both the heroines in a flight, getting introduced to each other and start a conversation. Catherine (role played by Nivetha Thomas) starts narrating her love story To Aishwarya (Surabhi). She tells Aishwarya about her boyfriend Gautham (Nani). The story is quite gripping.The songs pre-interval are very well picturized and the music by Mani Sharma goes in sync with the story streak. The story hits interval with a heavy twist.

Well, Catherine suspects Aishwarya’s fiance Jai (also played by Nani) and her suspicion is carried with investigating little sequences and here the story gets interesting. Vennela Kishore gets introduced as an IT Company employee. Srinivas Avasarala is an integral part of the whole story. The suspense sequences are well placed.

After a series of investigations, the real plot of the movie comes. The second half is lags a little bit and the murder investigation slows down the narration of the story. But, the twists are engaging. Revealing the real face of Nani closes the movie.

Roles and Performances: Nani, as usually, has justified the role by hundred percent. In the role of a nefarious person, his expression and delivery are captivating. Especially, when Jai dies, he was so engaging. Surabhi was so beautiful and she justified her role well. Nivetha Thomas’s performance is of the highlights of this movie. She looks oomph in the songs and even in the serious scenes, she has delivered her best. Sree Mukhi’s role as a reporter was well done. Srinivas Avasarala has got a full length, strong and serious role in this flick. His villainy role was well performed. All the other actors have done justification for their roles.

Technical Aspects: Mohana Krishna Indraganti seems to have mastered the art of direction well in this movie. The sequences of suspense elements are well placed. The Screenplay is quite captivating and interwoven. Romance, comedy, and suspense are equally balanced. Second half fails to maintain the appeal, as it lacks commercial elements. There is a drag in the chase sequences, as it reveals the plot even before the flow. The Cinematography was handled by P.G. Vinda, while the Editing was carried out by Marthand K. Venkatesh. Camera’s rich capture of the lens is evident in the songs. Kodaikanal’s locations are so appealing in a song. All the song locations give pleasant appeal. Music by Mani Sharma is one of the biggest assets for the movie. The songs and back score are so much in sync with the movie.

Plus Points:
Nani’s acting
Engaging storyline
Proper timings in the twists
Nivetha Thomas’s action
Mani Sharma’s music.

Minus points:
A little drag in second half
No proper establishment of the side roles.

A good thriller movie with an engaging storyline. All the commercial elements well balanced. Cinematography, the productions values, editing etc. are promising. Nani has got another feather into his hat with this movie. His brilliance in delivering two shades of a person is to be appreciated. Nivetha Thomas is to get good praises. The director has succeeded in keeping the audience engaged.
Rating: 4/5

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