Movie Review: Raja Cheyyi Vesthe


Release Date: April 29th, 2016

Young hero Nara Rohith has come up with third film for the Summer in the form of “Raja Cheyyi Vesthe”. Directed by newcomer Pradeep Chilukuri, the film has Nandamuri Tarakaratna playing the villain and the trailer has generated huge response. Let’s see how the film is.


Manik (Tarakaratna) is a stylish looking villain who kills people in various disguises but never gets caught as he won’t leave any clue. Police department (Sivaji Raja and Sashank) tries to get rid of him but fails. At the same time various people try to get rid off Manik, but go in vain. On other side, Raja Ram (Rohith) is an aspiring assistant director who has some intelligent ideas to kill villains. Chaitra (Isha Talwar) is his love interest. An anonymous director asks him to write a special climax to kill villain and gives money. Later he demands Raja to kill Manik, which otherwise he hatches plan to kill Chaitra. What will Raja do now? Who is that anonymous guy? What happens to Manik? That’s what we’ve to watch on silver screen.



Nara Rohith has done another okay performance after two flop shows early this season. Somehow he’s struck with routine expressions and same fatso body language. He’s unable to come out cocoon, wear shoes of character and deliver interesting stuff. He’s boring to watch.

Tarakaratna is the show stealer. He just rocked as a stylish villain. Though his frequent changing of luxury cars appears jerky, the intensity in his eyes and the way he has worn the coat of villain is awesome. At one point it appears like Tarakaratna is the hero of the film, as he’s carrying the total film on his shoulders.

Isha Talwar looks beautiful, but finds it tough to maintain that expression on face. Not a convincing actor she is. Sivaji Raja in a brief Police SP role is very apt. He delivers few dialogues superbly. Rajeev Kanakala steals the show in a small role in flash back. Other actors like Srinivas Avasarala, Raghu, Sashank and others are also interesting treat to watch.


Newcomer director Pradeep Chilukuri picked up an interesting guy to play villain and a good cameraman to film the scenes very stylishly. But he has forgotten to pick up an interesting story. We’ve seen this story-line umpteen times already and bored. At least his screenplay should be kick-ass and that doesn’t happened.

Bhaska Samala’s cinematography is interesting and he made every block look very stylish. Also the color grading (DI) should be appreciated. Sai Kartheek’s background score and couple of songs have won attention, but rest just passed that way. Dialogues are good. Production values are also little higher. Action sequences would have been better.




Weak story

Poor screenplay

Unwanted songs

Huge length


There is a Hongkong-French film named “Vengeance” and most of our film makers are busy copying that story from a while. Already that film is remodelled as “Oosaravelli” by Vakkantam Vamsi and as “Wanted” by BVS Ravi. Both the films are huge flops. This director also took the same story of heroine’s revenge becoming hero’s revenge (in original it is a father’s revenge for her daughter and son-in-law death), and failed to give any new dimension to it.

Story starts with villain introduced to us in interesting frame. Tarakaratna dazzles in this role with his stylish avatar. He’s a revelation. Guess what, he’s introduced to us again and again and again. Then it is introduction of hero, Nara Rohith, and he’s also introduced again and again and again. Then there comes heroine’s introduction. So, couple of songs as well. Finally before interval, the story is revealed with a twist and by then most intelligent people in theatres expect what is going to happen in second half. Except one ‘anadha saranalayam’ episode, others like fight for a puppy in slum and love episodes are weak and worrying.

Back into second half, heroine starts giving us her flash back, which should actually form as a strong anchor point. But once the story is revealed through words, who will have patience to watch it in visuals again? Why again and again? Audiences are not LKG students to be spoon fed again and again to learn a single letter. After the flash back gets over, Hero also won’t get mood to kill villain. Later he changes his mind, we don’t understand why, but plans to hatch the so called stylish, fierce, gruesome, powerful villain. That’s the climax!!

The same “Vengeance” movie, this time little more budget given to cinematographer, made the film look stylish. Had Nara Rohith’s character carved out like a powerful one in the lines of Tarakaratna’s role, masses would have enjoyed this routine drama. But the role appears pale, disjointed and uninterested in the film. At the end when it is revealed that he’s a police officer’s son, people will feel sad for him. Because such sons should be more powerful, at least on silver screen. A boring first half and a spineless second half make “Raja Cheyyi Veste” a below-average watch.

Guess what, neither the director has given justification why “Raja Cheyyi Veste” became the title, nor audiences understood what’s the reason behind naming the film with that title. Raja never fights, and only in the climax he lays his hand on villain. Did the film’s team thought that it is going to be a wonderful event ever seen by Telugu audience? Come on guys!!

Final words: Weak Raja might find tough!!

Rating: 1.75/5