PSPK25: The Ultimate Heroism Of Pawan


Power Star Pawan Kalyan fans were eagerly waiting for the updates of PSPK25 and they were really thrilled with the updates on Pawan birthday.  Anirudh’s 1-minute music video of ‘Bayatakochi Chooste’ struck chord with the music lovers.  Some people felt that it was too classy initially but it has received a huge response later.

It is known that Pawan appears in the last few seconds of the music video and flips the chair in his typical style.  Pawan stands beside it while the chair continues to spin on a single leg.  Several analogies have been made about this scene. Some said that an intelligent director like Trivikram will not keep such a scene without any logic.   It might be an indication that Pawan can turn tables in the political arena and he holds the key for CM chair in AP.  He has symbolically represented that in a single shot.

We don’t know, whether this is true or not but there is another talk going on in the film circle that this is the highlight scene in the entire film where Pawan reveals his true identity just like Rajini does in ‘Basha’.  Pawan is reportedly playing a two shaded character.  He will be very calm and composed in one shade and he will be a mass hero in the second shade.   Trivikram said to have designed three to four shots with the ultimate heroism of Pawan.  So, get ready for the PowerFull Sankranthi.

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