Sunil back as ‘COMEDIAN’ for Pawan Kalyan


Sunil was a star comedian in Tollywood and most of the people admired him for his comic sense. But ever since, he became a full fledged hero, most of the movie lovers missed his brand of comedy. His space has still left a vacuum and no one can fill it.

But now Sunil is back into shoes of the comedian for his beloved star Pawan Kalyan. Sunil’s finest roles have come from movies directed by his best friend Trivikram Srinivas. Trivikram also stopped roping in Sunil for comic roles as he felt it would be unfair to use Sunil for his movies when there were producers spending crores on movies with Sunil as the hero.

            Sunil back as 'COMEDIAN' for Pawan Kalyan

But now we got some good news for Trivikram – Sunil combo fans. As we reported earlier, Pawan Kalyan would be doing a movie with Trivikram Srinivas soon after completing his ‘Katamarayudu’ under Dolly direction.

Trivikram is shaping the script right now. Now as per reports, Sunil would do an extended cameo in that project. Sunil has decided to step down for his beloved actor and bosom buddy. So there’s no doubt that Sunil’s cameo would also be something special.

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